Mindway AI Announces Strategic Partnership with BetCity.nl for Responsible Gambling Solutions

Mindway AI, a leading provider of innovative solutions for responsible gambling, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Dutch operator BetCity.nl. The collaboration aims to enhance player protection and promote responsible gambling practices for the Netherlands-based online sports betting operator which is part of Entain Group.

As the global gambling market continues to expand, the importance of responsible gambling initiatives cannot be overstated. Mindway AI’s highly advanced technology and expertise in highly advanced AI, neuroscientific insights and expert analysis will enable BetCity.nl to deliver a safer and more secure gambling experience to its customers. To date, Mindway AI have implemented customer care software across 47 jurisdictions with over 7 million active users worldwide detected per month by GameScanner.

Through this partnership, BetCity.nl will gain access to Mindway AI’s GameScanner and its advanced algorithms and AI-driven tools that can analyze player behavioral patterns and detect early signs of problem gambling. By utilizing real-time data and behavioral insights, BetCity.nl can proactively intervene and provide personalized support to at-risk players, fostering a greater culture of responsible gambling.

“We are thrilled to partner with BetCity.nl,” said Rasmus Kjaergaard, CEO of Mindway AI. “By combining our expertise in early detection of at-risk and problem gambling with BetCity.nl’s innovative online gaming platform, we can provide a comprehensive and effective solution that prioritizes player protection and minimizes the risks associated with gambling-related harm.”

BetCity’s Head of Responsible Gaming Development & Research, Iris den Boer, shared her enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are excited to partner with Mindway AI as one of the leading operators in the Netherlands. Together with the expertise of Mindway and its innovative product, we are convinced we can take the next step in Responsible Gaming. By detecting problematic behaviour in an early stage, we can now contribute to our Responsible Gaming mission even better.”

The partnership between Mindway AI and BetCity.nl represents a significant step forward in advancing responsible gambling practices within the Dutch online gambling market. By leveraging human expertise, artificial intelligence and data-driven insights, both companies are dedicated to protecting vulnerable players and fostering a more sustainable gambling ecosystem.


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