Award-winning early detection of at‑risk and problem gambling

GameScanner is a highly advanced software solution that helps gambling operators boost player protection through a unique combination of AI, neuroscientific insights and expert assessments. This enables operators to intervene at an early stage and prevent at-risk gambling behavior from escalating.

GameScanner Analytics dashboard

The GameScanner Analytics dashboard enables operators to quickly and comprehensively understand the risk profile of their entire customer database. Built upon human experts’ meticulous assessments of every aspect of players’ gambling patterns, GameScanner’s algorithms learn to weigh different indicators of normal as well as addictive behaviour. This gives GameScanner the unique ability to explain its decisions with clear reasons, which form an easy and sound basis for following up with players. We call this Explainable AI. 

Understand and explain problem behaviour

GameScanner offers explainable AI. Operators can easily understand and explain why players are flagged as at-risk. This information leads to meaningful customer communication.

Easy customer segmentation

GameScanner enables operators to segment their database based on risk profile, identify early signs of problem gambling, and intervene. GameScanner provides operators with the intelligence they need to meet regulatory requirements, minimize harm and maintain a sustainable player database.

Customer Stories

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GameScanner works as a virtual psychologist detecting at least 87 pct. of the at-risk and problem gambling cases that human experts detect. This has been tested and validated by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI).

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