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You bet we care

Neuroscience & Artificial Intelligence combined

You bet we care
Mindway AI is a spin-out of Aarhus University in Denmark with 10+ years of research in neuroscience, neuroimaging and problem gambling, converting research results into responsible gambling solutions
Analyzing data to understand every single customer's gambling trajectory


Neuroimaging is our window to the brain. Using advanced brain scanning we can investigate the biological processes underlying controlled as well as problematic gambling behavior.

MRI scanners for instance have been used to discover which brain regions are active during gambling which turns out to involve communication between the forebrain and midbrain. From PET scans we know how this communication is made possible by neurotransmission, the signaling between individual neurons in the brain. Functional MRI in turn has shown how blood flow is redistributed during gambling, to support increased regional activity, and how brain activation may be changed when gambling becomes an addiction.

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Award-winning solutions

Mindway AI creates the most innovative and advanced award-winning solutions for the identification of at-risk gambling and problem gambling. Based on neuroscience and artificial intelligence, Mindway AI works with operators, platform providers, regulators and governments to supply state-of-the-art early detection and intervention solutions for safer gambling.

You bet we care

Creating safe customer journeys by combining neuroscience and artificial intelligence is what Mindway AI is all about

Create a responsible gambling environment
Offer a safe and carefree gambling playground
Protect your customers
Show your customers that you care about their safety
Meet regulators' demands
Increase your efforts to live up to regulator's demands
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