Our story

From university spin‑out to fast‑growing software company

Mindway AI started out in 2018 as a spin-out of Aarhus University in Denmark. Here, Professor Kim Mouridsen saw great promise in applying insights from neuroscience to AI technology in the pursuit of better player protection – converting more than ten years of research into safer gambling solutions. Key contributors to the development of the GameScanner solution are Associate Professor of Cognitive Science and Head of Department for Linguistics and Cognitive Science Joshua Skewes, and PhD and Professor in Psychology Damien Brevers.

Today, Mindway AI is a fast-growing software company operating our science-based solutions in more than 37 countries and reaching more than 7.7 million active players per month around the world. Danish sports media group Better Collective is the majority owner of Mindway AI.

Meet the team

Rasmus Kjaergaard


As CEO, Rasmus Kjaergaard has grown Mindway AI from a small startup to the fast-growing software company it is today. Rasmus’ focus is on the commercial and strategic development of Mindway AI through product innovation, partnerships, and market expansions. Rasmus is deeply invested in the safer gambling agenda and a firm believer in the power of partnerships and collaboration in the pursuit of better player protection. Rasmus has +20 years of experience in leadership and B2B sales of complex tech solutions and services in both to private and public sectors.

Phone: +4593302099 / Mail: rasmus@mindway.ai

Paula Murphy


Paula Murphy represents Mindway AI on the UK market, helping operators meet the new British legislative requirements. Prior to joining Mindway AI, Paula founded Knownow Limited, a business dedicated to running responsible gambling conferences. She has a vast industry network in the UK and a deep understanding of the challenges operators face. Paula is passionate about helping operators boost player protection through early detection and intervention.

Phone: +44 7425 979367 / Mail: paula@mindway.ai

Mikkel Langborg-Hansen


As a Software Engineer, Mikkel Langborg-Hansen works on optimizing Mindway AI’s GameScanner solution as well as our overall infrastructure.  Mikkel has several years of experience as a software developer, the latest at Cryptomathic. He is analytical and creative by nature and enjoys being part of an agile team where great ideas are quickly translated into action.  Mikkel holds a Master’s Degree in Mathematics from Aarhus University

Mail: mikkel@mindway.ai

Henrik Lund Mortensen


Henrik Mortensen has vast experience in developing novel machine-learning algorithms within the field of computational quantum chemistry.  Fueled by coffee and a passion for problem-solving, Henrik loves generating new ideas and bringing them to life with programming and data analysis.  Henrik has a PhD degree in Physics from Aarhus University.

Mail: hm@mindway.ai

Bakhtawar Noor

PhD, Software Engineer

Bakhtawar with a knack for data-centric solutions, blends her expertise in deep learning, machine learning, and software engineering to craft impactful solutions. Fuelled by her passion for using technology to solve real-world problems, she is eager to apply her skills and experience as a software engineer to optimize data-centric systems at Mindway AI, helping the company to achieve its mission of preventing gambling addiction. Bakhtawar holds a Phd Degree in Bioinformatics from Aarhus University.

Mail: noor@mindway.ai

Mads Nedergaard Paulsen


With a background in consulting engineering, Mads Paulsen has experience with R&D specialising in machine learning. In his job as a DevOps Engineer at Mindway AI, Mads enjoys taking something abstract and making it tangible. A fair warning, though: Ask Mads about Linux and Open Source, and he could go on for hours. Mads holds a Master’s Degree in Geophysics from Aarhus University.

Mail: mads@mindway.ai

Stephen Aupy

Business Development Manager

Stephen Aupy helps industry clients navigate Responsible Gambling to ensure commercial sustainability and player protection standards. Working in collaboration with regulators, operators, suppliers through to research institutions and public affair groups. Stephen joined Mindway AI in April 2023 as Business Development Manager and continues to accelerate positive change in multiple global markets.

Mail: stephen@mindway.ai

Jesper Blach Graversen


Jesper Blach Graversen has almost a decade’s worth of experience working with data pipelines and mathematical modelling, most recently as a Senior data scientist at Lunar. As Tech Team Lead at Mindway AI, Jesper heads our highly skilled team of software and machine learning engineers. Jesper is passionate about being part of an AI-first company and a team that creates and provides first class solutions. Jesper has a Master’s Degree in Mathematical Finance from Aarhus University.

Mail: jesper@mindway.ai

Niamh Gallagher

Marketing Manager

Niamh Gallagher has over 11 years’ experience working in editorial, marketing, conference production and events management whilst based in Australia and the UK. She joined the gambling industry in 2016 with EGR Global as Head of Event Content before moving into the role of Group Head of Content in 2020, heading up the EGR Global brand with overall responsibility for event content and online and print editorial product across five brands in the online gambling industry. She then moved to industry consultancy Usability Digital in 2022 as Head of Marketing before joining Mindway AI as Marketing Manager in April 2023.

Mail: niamh@mindway.ai

Carl Ørnstrup

Business development Manager

With a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Commercial Law, Carl is uniquely experienced in both law and business administration. This, combined with his outgoing nature provides him with the ability to handle a wide array of tasks at Mindway AI. These tasks range from legal queries and administration all the way to customer engagement. Furthermore, Carl works with regulators, operators and suppliers across the Scandinavian gambling market and helps them uphold industry standards to the highest degree in the field of responsible gambling.

Mail: carl@mindway.ai

Rinson Davis


Rinson Davis has previously worked as an XR developer and cloud engineer, and as a DevOps Engineer at Mindway AI, Rinson is responsible for building, developing and maintaining our hosted solutions and cloud infrastructure. Rinson is furthermore a trusted IT partner to our customers, as he implements and supports our software solutions, so they fit seamlessly into the operators’ own systems.  Rinson holds a Master’s Degree in Mechatronics Engineering from the University of Southern Denmark.

Mail: rinson@mindway.ai

Anders Lapiki

MSC, Solutions Engineer

Anders is a Solutions Engineer at Mindway AI. He has a bachelor’s from Aalborg University in software and a master’s from the IT University of Copenhagen in computer science with a specialty in machine learning. At Mindway AI he is in part responsible for analysing and processing the customers data and also partly responsible for customer support and contact. He has a passion for machine learning and data analysis, learning new skills and using them to solve problems.

Mail: anders@mindway.ai

Thomas Lyhne Hansen

BSC, Student Developer

Thomas Lyhne Hansen is currently studying for a bachelor’s degree in computer science at Aarhus University. With great passion for integrating AI solutions to solve important real-world problems, Thomas assists the team in fitting the codebase of Mindway AI’s GameScanner solution to meet the evolving needs and requirements of the gambling industry. Finally, he also holds a bachelors degree in music science from Aarhus University and ensures that company camping is filled with guitar and singing around the campfire.

Mail: thomas@mindway.ai

Henrik Hviid

MSC, Machine learning engineer

Henrik Hviid holds a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Aarhus University with specialty in machine learning and software engineering.  With a passion for solving complex tasks, Henrik uses his technical skills, to develop machine learning frameworks and software components. Automation is the keyword for Henrik, he ensures that everything runs smoothly all the way from model training to model inference in production.

Mail: henrikh@mindway.ai

Nicole Dwenger

Solution Specialist

Nicole Dwenger holds a Master’s degree in Cognitive Science and brings a diverse background spanning psychology, neuroscience, and machine learning. As a Solution Specialist, she is in part responsible for supporting our costumer’s needs, delving into data analysis and contributing to the enhancement of our solutions. With an open and creative mindset, she is passionate about using machine learning to solve problems that matter. If you ever feel like switching to German, rest assured that Nicole is always ready for a chat in her native tongue.

Mail: nicole@mindway.ai

Helene Hauschultz

PHD, Machine Learning Engineer

Helene Hauschultz is a Machine Learning Engineer at Mindway AI. She has a background in AI research where she has pioneered innovative machine learning models within the field of geometric machine learning. She thrives on combining the powers of mathematical theory and computer processing to create data driven solutions. Helene has a PhD Degree in Mathematics from Aarhus University.

Mail: helene@mindway.ai

Josefine Hove Jensen

MSC, Solution's Engineer

Josefine is a Solution’s Engineer, holding a master’s degree in Neuroscience and Neuroimaging. With a strong interest in data science and programming, she brings a unique blend of skills to her role at Mindway AI. Her work involves creating technical solutions for various challenges and using her knowledge to provide insights and support to the team and customers, bridging the gap between neuroscience and data analytics.

Mail: josefine@mindway.ai

Mindway AI’s Board of Directors

Britt Boeskov


Britt Boeskov comes from various leadership roles from her 17 years at Kindred Group.  Today, Britt is a professional board member and adviser and brings strong commercial competencies to the Board.

Kim Mouridsen

Kim Mouridsen, Professor of Neuroscience at Aarhus University, is the founder of Mindway AI. Kim is a minority owner of Mindway AI and a member of its Board. Kim has previously worked at the University College of London and held faculty positions at Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.  Today, Kim is CEO of Cercare Medical, for which he developed the core technology.

Birgitte Sand

Birgitte Sand is the former Director General at the Danish Gambling Authority and brings an extensive international network across the gambling ecosystem and vast industrial and legislative knowledge to the Board.  Today, Birgitte holds several board member positions and works as an independent consultant as CEO for Birgitte Sand & Associates

Willem van Oort

Willem van Oort is an independent iGaming consultant (Gran Via) and founder of B2B communities Gaming in Holland, Gaming in Spain, and Gaming in Germany. Willem’s strong European network is of great value as Mindway AI continues its growth journey.

Mindway AI’s expert panel

At Mindway AI, we have assembled a highly experienced panel of gambling addiction experts, researchers, and psychologists to meticulously analyze several thousand player gambling patterns.  These expert assessments are used for training, building and continuous updates of GameScanner’s algorithms. This way, we add a qualified human touch to our advanced fully-automated safer gambling software.