The secret to our award-winning software

A unique synergy between highly advanced AI, neuroscientific insights and expert analysis is the secret behind our state-of-the-art software.

10+ years of research

Rooted in Neuroscience

Mindway AI is a spin-out of Aarhus University in Denmark, converting more than 10 years of research in neuroscience, neuroimaging and problem gambling into safer gambling solutions.

Neuroimaging is our window to the brain. Using advanced brain scanning, we can investigate the biological processes underlying normal and problematic gambling behavior. At Mindway AI, we draw upon insights from neuroscience and neuroimaging research to educate and continuously update GameScanner. This way, we are able to provide evidence-based safer gambling solutions that address the complexity of problem gambling behavior and make a real difference for players around the world.

It’s clever

Explainable AI

The algorithm of GameScanner has been educated on a unique combination of neuroscientific insights and human expert assessments of several thousand gambling patterns. By observing real experts as they meticulously assess every aspect of players’ gambling patterns, the algorithm learns to weigh different indicators of both normal and addictive behavior. This gives GameScanner the unique ability to explain its decisions with clear reasons, providing an easy and sound basis for operators to follow up with players. We call this Explainable AI. The algorithm furthermore monitors and profiles players fully automatically around the clock while continuing to learn and refine itself.

It’s human

Our expert panel adds a human touch to our software

The GameScanner solution is known for its accuracy, detecting at least 87 pct. of the at-risk and problem gambling cases that a human expert would detect. This is no coincidence. At Mindway AI, we have assembled a highly experienced panel of gambling addiction experts, researchers, and psychologists to meticulously analyze several thousand player gambling patterns. Their assessments are used to educate and continuously update GameScanner’s algorithm. This way, we add a qualified human touch to our advanced fully-automated software.

Why choose Mindway AI

Meets regulatory requirements

At Mindway AI, we are accustomed to adapting to evolving regulatory requirements across international jurisdictions. Operators can rest assured that our solutions help them meet and exceed regulatory requirements.

A sustainable playerbase

Early detection of at-risk players keep gambling safe and entertaining. It enables operators to protect players and maintain long-term customer relations rather than losing customers to gambling-related harm.

Frees up IT resources

Tracking the risk profile of their entire customer database enables operators to prioritise their responsible gambling workflow and allocate resources more effectively.

Research based

Developed out of Aarhus University and founded on 10+ years of research in neuroscience, neuroimaging, and problem gambling, Mindway AI’s solutions are state-of-the-art and evidence-based.

AI with an expert human touch

Mindway AI’s virtual psychologist approach combines human psychological assessment with AI technology to pinpoint at-risk and problem gamblers based on their individual behaviour. This results in very high levels of accuracy.

Tailored solutions

The algorithms can be trained on the operator’s own player data, resulting in a customised solution that reflects nuances such as regulatory requirements, cultural differences, product type and customer profiles.


At Mindway AI, we regard our partnerships as crucial to our mission to enhance player protection. In order to create real impact in the fight against gambling harm, we need to bring operators, safer gambling organizations, NGOs, and legislators to the table to collectively raise the bar for player protection.

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