Casino Guru: Safer Gambling Week and the voice of the industry

Q1: What does Safer Gambling Week mean to your company, and do you plan to be involved?

Mindway AI: Safer Gambling Week holds great significance for Mindway AI as it aligns with our core mission of promoting responsible gambling practices. We are committed to providing the most up to date solutions and expertise that help operators and players identify and mitigate problem gambling behaviors. We plan to actively participate in SGW by supporting awareness campaigns including speaking on the EGBA’s Markers of Harm webinar also the Gamble4Good Webinar Series – Innovation In Responsible Gambling. We are also proud to be collaborating again with our partners at Casino Guru to host Gamalyze on various brand sites they work with. Mindway AI will also be attending Sigma Europe which takes place during SGW and will be promoting our own initiatives both on site and digitally.

Q2: Do you believe Safer Gambling Week meets its mark in the industry?

Mindway AI: Safer Gambling Week has made substantial strides in the industry, fostering increased awareness and engagement around responsible gambling. By continually evolving and expanding its reach across different stakeholders, Safer Gambling Week can have an even greater impact on the industry, ensuring that responsible gambling remains a top priority for all groups. The industry should remain dedicated to ongoing efforts to enhance responsible gambling practices and demonstrate a genuine commitment to player well-being beyond just this annual event.

Q3: Why do we need a Safer Gambling Week?

MindwayAI: Safer Gambling Week is essential because it provides a concentrated opportunity for the gambling industry to collectively focus on promoting responsible gambling behaviours and safeguarding vulnerable individuals. It serves as a crucial reminder that the industry must prioritize player welfare and implement measures to prevent gambling-related harm. The initiative raises awareness, educates both players and operators, and encourages responsible gambling practices, ultimately reducing the negative consequences associated with excessive or problem gambling. In summary, Safer Gambling Week is a vital annual event that helps ensure the well-being of players and the integrity of the gambling industry.

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