Mindway AI joins German Online Casino Association to promote safer gambling


Mindway AI, the leading safer gambling software company, has joined the German Online Casino Association (DOCV) in an effort to promote safer gambling practices and enhance consumer protection in the German market.

As a member of the DOCV, Mindway AI will collaborate with other German industry leaders to share best practices and deploy innovative technologies that aim to prevent and reduce gambling-related harm among the DOCV members. The company’s advanced software solutions use artificial intelligence in combination with human psychological assessment to identify potential problem gambling behavior earlier and more individualized for the support of personalized interventions to help individuals manage their gambling habits.

“We are thrilled to join the German Online Casino Association and work alongside other industry leaders to promote responsible gambling practices in Germany,” said CEO of Mindway AI, Rasmus Kjaergaard. “Our mission is to empower the gambling industry to enhance player protection by providing the most advanced and effective solutions for preventing and reducing gambling-related harm, and we believe that collaboration with the DOCV is essential in achieving this goal.”

The DOCV represents online casino operators in Germany and aims to create a safe and transparent gambling environment for consumers. As a member, Mindway AI will participate in the association’s efforts to promote responsible gambling and provide tools and resources to help individuals make informed decisions about their gambling activities.

Julia Lensing Managing Director, DOCV stated, “We are delighted to continue to welcome new members and thus strengthen the industry on its way towards a legal market and stringent regulation. With Mindway AI, DOCV has now gained a new member in the field of player protection, AI and responsible gambling. Their innovative technology and commitment to responsible gambling aligns with our mission to create a safe and fair gambling market in Germany. We look forward to working with Mindway AI and other members to drive positive change in the industry.”

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