Evolving Strategies: Transforming Research into AI Solutions for Responsible Gambling

Our Solution Specialist Simon Hansen sat down with Gaming Eminence to discuss the latest findings from integrating psychology and neuroscience into AI solutions, aligning with responsible gambling trends and more….

Fresh into the new year, we thought we would kick off with an insightful interview with Simon Hansen, a Solution Specialist at Mindway AI, we delve into the intersection of cognitive science, responsible gambling technology, and artificial intelligence. Hansen shares his expertise on the challenges of operationalising research findings, the importance of software flexibility in a dynamic industry, and Mindway AI’s collaborative approach with customers. Discover how the company stays at the forefront of the field, balancing precision with user-friendliness to meet the unique needs of the gambling sector.

GE) In your role as a Solutions Specialist at Mindway AI, how do you leverage your background in Cognitive Science to integrate the latest findings from psychology and neuroscience into AI solutions for player protection in the gambling industry?

SH) Cognitive Science is an interdisciplinary field of study meaning that I am accustomed to address a problem from several perspectives and draw on knowledge and methods from multiple disciplines. I believe that complex problems such as player protection require us to work across disciplines to identify and build the most effective solutions.

In my experience, keeping up with new research is not the difficult part. The difficult part is taking the findings and transforming them into operational product functionality. This exact exercise goes very well with the nature of cognitive science which often seeks to take broader concepts such as attention, memory, and decision-making and quantifying this using data and building models that describe these complex cognitive functions. In the problem gambling literature, you will often find concepts such as loss chasing, tolerance and cravings. The real challenge is building these things into player tracking solutions and reliably identifying these patterns in data. And doing it in a way where we can also detect these risk indicators at an early stage. I think this is where cognitive science really has it strength.

Read the full interview with Gaming Eminence here

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