Why choose Mindway AI?

Creating safe customer journeys

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How it works

Return on investment
Early detection and intervention with at-risk gamblers keeps gambling entertaining, allowing for long-term customer relations, instead of losing customer to problem gambling.
Research based
With a background in neuroscience and research, Mindway AI’s solutions are evidence-based, giving KYC a new meaning as it truly is from the inside-out.
Virtual Expert
The virtual expert can pinpoint at-risk and problem gamblers with very high accuracy as opposed to the more general identification based on risk markers.
Tailored solutions
The algorithm is trained on the operator’s own data, resulting in a customized solution that reflects operator games and customer profiles.
No data exchange is needed as operators host their own data which makes it easy to comply with GDPR.
Plug & Play
The Mindway AI solutions can be integrated with existing set-ups, allowing for smooth and fast implementation.

WHO: Gambling disorder is a disease

In 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) categorized gambling disorder as a disease which recognizes the severity and scope of  gambling disorder. For the past 20 years there has been an unprecedented growth in gambling and online gambling, leading to a rapid rise of problem gamblers. The situation calls for action and governments keep a close eye on operators and regularly tighten legislation, in addition to fining operators. By combining neuroscience and artificial intelligence, Mindway AI recognizes the complexity of gambling disorder and works towards reversing the number of problem gamblers by providing solutions for accurate and early identification.

Mindway's vision is to create safe customer journeys by bringing research to life and creating state-of-the-art solutions that protect gamblers from developing gambling disorder.


Gambling should be fun and remain being fun

Just like children go to the playground, adults also need a place to have fun and be carefree. Gambling is just one of many leisure activities adults engage in. But just like the playground has safety standards and soft surface materials to protect children from getting hurt, gambling should have built-in safety nets that keep gamblers from getting harmed.

Mindway's mission is to make gambling a safe playground by creating state-of-the-art solutions that identify at-risk and problem gambling early and accurately, keeping gambling fun.


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