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The Role of AI in Player Protection and Compliance - Regulators only

In this webinar, Birgitte Sand, former Director General of the Danish Gambling Authority, and Kim Mouridsen, Professor in Neuroscience and Founder of Mindway AI, discuss regulatory challenges and what modern technology and AI can do about it.
Regulator webinar

From one size fits all to risk profile specific intervention

Learn how to get from gambling data to automated intervention that matches the individual gambling behavior and risk profile of a gambler.

Skærmbillede 2020-02-02 kl. 17.43.28

RoundTable on the Future of Responsible Gaming

What does the future of responsible gambling bring? At this RoundTable, the complexity of detection and intervention of problem gambling and the importance of data and AI are discussed.

Responsible Gaming


Johan Jardevall, CEO at Wiraya
The webinar was very captivating. It provided tremendous background knowledge and definitely positions Mindway AI’s credentials very well. It would be very interesting to see a follow-up webinar on intervention and treatment.
Aurora Merino Salas, CEO at Asensi Technologies
Looking forward to learning something new from you. Every time that I've had the opportunity to attend an event and listen to what you say, I can tell you I learn something new - which is something that I love.
Ioana Marchis, Technical Strategy Analyst at Flutter
I’ve looked at the first video presented by Kim and I was impressed by how deep in the understanding of addictive behavior it goes, explaining the way brain functions etc. I think this is really valuable as it enables people to understand the roots of problems, so they can find solutions to addictions.
Siddharth Karthikeyan, Product Manager Responsible Gaming at Gears of Leo AB
I have been attending all of your webinars and all of them have been so interesting and providing new insights to approach our customers with problem gambling.
Michelle Briffa, RG Analyst at Gamesys Group
It was a very informative and interesting webinar and unique in the sense that you don’t particularly find much information on the merging of neuro science and AI in the industry. I definitely will participate in the next webinar in this series.
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