Taking back control
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GameChanger is a game that consists of a sequence of gambling and non-gambling pictures that are shown one after the other. ​The purpose is to only click on non-gambling pictures as fast as possible and keep from clicking on gambling pictures. The game has different levels of difficulty, making it suitable for training continuously for a period of time.

Immediate feedback

The software behind the game calculates how fast the respondent reacts to non-gambling pictures​ and how well the respondent keeps from touching the screen when gambling pictures are shown. It also registers how many non-gambling pictures are missed. ​Based on these data, GameChanger gives feedback to the respondent right away and provides insight into the development and earlier performance. 



Research behind the game


Impulsivity is one of the main problems in problem gambling as problem gamblers are too impulsive to suppress the urge to gamble​.

Inhibition control

Controlling impulsivity can be relearned by training the underlying cognitive processes. Inhibition control is a cognitive process that can be trained, stimulating a normal response to gambling pictures and environments​.

Deep characterization

Analysis of behavior provides a deep characterization of key elements in decision - making, serving as the basis for individualized feedback to the participant


Benefits of GameChanger

Controlling impulsivity​
Impulsivity is trained and controlled, facilitating healthy and safe gambling​
Healthy activities​
Impulsivity towards healthy activities is trained and strengthened​
Tailored game​
GameChanger can be adjusted to different levels of difficulty, keeping the game interesting​
Follow development​
By playing GameChanger repeatedly the customer can track his/her performance​
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