October 29, 2021

Mindway AI win two awards for their contribution to responsible gambling

The team from Mindway AI in Denmark returned from the Vixio Global Regulatory Awards 2021 show with two awards. The show recognises and celebrates individuals and teams that work to set new standards for compliance and responsible behaviour in the gambling industry.

Mindway AI was awarded for RegTech Provider Of The Year and The Responsible Gambling Service or Solution Provider of the Year. At the same occasion, Mindway AI board member Birgitte Sand received the Compliance Lifetime Achievement Award.

The RegTech Provider of the Year is given to a RegTech provider whose product or service makes a significant and tailored contribution to enhancing compliance in the gambling industry.

The Responsible Gambling Service or Solution Provider of the Year is given to an organisation or team that offers an innovative and effective multi-jurisdictional Responsible Gambling service or solution to gambling operators across the globe. Ensuring that the companies they work with remain compliant and their customers remain safe.

  • We are very proud of winning these awards. The Global Regulatory Awards put a spotlight on the ever-increasing importance of enhancing compliance and responsible gambling management by recognizing excellence among software providers like us. We are pleased that our dedicated work, solutions and know-how is recognized by compliance professionals. Our journey of developing innovative, scientific-based AI and neuroscience solutions focused at Responsible Gambling has just begun, and this recognition means a lot to us, says Rasmus Kjaergaard, CEO of Mindway AI.

It is Mindway AI’s ambition to gain a global presence with its solutions, which already are deployed and running in many jurisdictions across Europe and the US.


CEO: Mindway AI: Rasmus Kjaergaard, +45 93 30 20 99, rk@mindway-ai.com

About Mindway AI:

Mindway AI is an award-winning software company that creates innovative and advanced tech solutions for fully automated monitoring and profiling of gamblers, enabling the detection of at-risk gambling and problem gambling individualized and on a much earlier stage. Based on neuroscience and artificial intelligence, Mindway AI works with gambling operators, platform providers, regulators and governments to supply state-of-the-art early detection and intervention solutions for safer gambling. Better Collective A/S is a majority shareholder of Mindway AI.

Facts about solutions:

  • GameScanner: State-of-the-art detection software based on the combination of AI and human expert assessment providing individualized and earlier detection of problematic gambling behavior.
  • Gamalyze: Neuroscience-based gamificated self-test of decision-making when gambling. More engaging, proactive, and actionable advice than typical self-test questionnaires.

Mindway AI works with an increasing number of customers among the gambling and casino operators. Mindway AI has a strong market position in Denmark and NL and currently sees growth in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Malta, Spain, Switzerland and the US.


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