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Creating safe customer journeys with
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Solutions identifying, preventing and intervening in at-risk and problem gambling

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The New York Times has interviewed Mindway AI’s CEO Rasmus Kjaergaard about the prospects of AI in the gambling industry. As a growing Danish university spin-off, we are thrilled and proud to be featured in The New York Times and given a chance to explain how our AI solutions can enhance player protection.

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Mindway Solution Suite offers a range of solutions that have one aim: keeping gambling safe. It provides a 360° view of every single gambler trajectory by combining neuroscience, artificial intelligence and expert evaluations, empowering you to truly know your customer.

providing thorough understanding of the brain mechanisms behind problem gambling
analyzing and extracting insights from data and pinpointing deviations
expert evaluations of thousands of one-on-one ratings provide holistic, human assessment

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Creating safe customer journeys

Creating safe customer journeys is the mindset that characterizes every step Mindway AI takes. The customer journey begins as fun and for most customers it remains that way. For a small percentage, however, gambling gets out of hand, and this is the group of people that Mindway AI works on identifying and catching in the very beginning of their problematic gambling behavior. The Mindway Solution Suite offers a range of solutions for the different stages of the customer journey, making it possible to keep gambling safe and fun at the same time.


Explainable AI

Explainable AI goes beyond pinpointing problem gambling behavior. It combines artificial intelligence with the human touch and creates understandable and communicable information for the operator that can be used directly in reaching out to customers.
Bringing the human touch to artificial intelligence

    Neuroscience and artificial intelligence have such a big part to play and I think the operators should be embracing that.

    Justyn Larcombe - previous gambling addict

    We are building a new type of tools that can help people cope with their problematic gambling habits, and it is based on scientific research.

    Damien Brevers - PhD, Senior Postdoctoral Research Fellow

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