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Award-winning safer gambling software built on a unique combination of neuroscience, AI and expert assessments

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Making gambling safe

Unique synergy of science, AI and expert analysis

Our award-winning software is built on insights from neuroscience, AI and gambling experts’ evaluations of several thousand gambling patterns. This unique synergy of science, tech, data, and human analysis creates a state-of-the-art solution adding a real human touch to our fully-automated software.

Player protection

Your safer gambling partner

Mindway AI partners with operators and leading industry organizations with a clear mission to improve player protection in the gambling industry. By combining neuroscience, AI and human expert assessment, our award-winning safer gambling software helps operators meet and exceed player protection requirements. Our award-winning AI solution GameScanner ensures a fully-automated, early detection of at-risk and problem gambling, allowing operators to reach out to players before unhealthy gambling habits escalate. This way, we make a real difference for millions of players around the world.


On a mission to prevent gambling harms

For most people, gambling is a fun pastime. For some however, gambling turns compulsive and unhealthy. WHO has therefore recognized gambling addiction as a disease, acknowledging the severity and scope of gambling disorders. As online gambling markets grow, so does sadly the number of people afflicted with gambling addiction worldwide. The situation calls for action, and as a response governments are tightening legislation. Mindway AI has developed safer gambling solutions that help operators meet and exceed player protection requirements and make a real difference for millions of players around the world.

Our solutions

Early detection of at least 87% of problem cases

GameScanner is an award-winning, highly advanced safer gambling solution. Built on a combination of AI, ten years of neuroscientific research, and thorough expert assessments, it works as a virtual psychologist detecting at least 87 percent of the problem gambling cases that a human expert would detect. GameScanner allows for early detection of problem gambling behaviour, and it provides understandable and communicable information for operators to use when they reach out to players.

Gamified reinvention of the self-test

Gamalyze has won the prestigious Global Regulatory Award Compliance Innovator or Innovation of the Year 2020. By reinventing the self-test and turning it into a game, a much more honest result is shown as the self-test reflects actions and decisions during gambling rather than reflections on own behavior.

We tailor our solutions to all verticals

Our automated and sophisticated safer gambling software is fully integrated and tailored to the operator’s own system – across verticals and game types.

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Your safer gambling partner

At Mindway AI, we are proud to help operators meet and exceed player protection requirements. This way, we make a real difference for millions of players around the world.

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Awards and recognition

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